I describe myself based on what’s most important in my life; a mother, wife, author, and educator writing to inspire, enlighten and entertain.  I've attained a Master of Arts Degree in Education and Human Services. My writing is eclectic and includes: books, training manuals, course materials, research papers, standup comedy and blogs.
            Writing is freedom of expression and an opportunity to connect with others.  Placing words on paper is similar to the release of emotions I feel when dancing, which is one of my favorite activities. I’ve been known to twist, pony and hustle while waiting for pasta to boil and pepperoni bread to bake.  Even when engrossed in my writing, I take exercise breaks to release tension in my muscles and refresh my mind.
            I’m a believer in trying new things, so when I turned 50-years-old, decided to write and perform standup.  Knowing I was the catalyst causing that life-affirming feeling laughter brings to one's soul was exhilarating. 
            After my father passed away, I penned my first book, Look Back Move Forward, and my story "Mother-Daughter Connection" has been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul:  Best Mom Ever!
            The human spirit is perhaps the most important element of our existence; it needs nourishment and light to flourish and remain vibrant. I hope my words resonate with the human spirit and encourage and motivate especially during life’s challenges.

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