November 27, 2017

     I look forward to the Christmas season every year – celebrating the birth of Jesus.  Bright lights adorning homes, angel wings spread atop Christmas trees, Advent candles lit in church, and giving to others less fortunate reminds me of the true meaning of Christmas.
     Behind doors dressed with wreaths, and amid crowded malls, there are individuals with mixed emotions during the holiday season.  The...

August 21, 2017


           There’s an expression, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”; yet, we’re continually told and shown who’s considered beautiful and handsome. I prefer to make my own decisions and not be told how or what to think.
            When I think of a truly beautiful woman, my Grandma Rose comes to mind.  Her beauty was no...

     I recently attended a high school reunion; pictured is my yearbook photo. It wasn’t the first reunion I’ve attended, and hopefully, not the last.  My nature is to observe people and pay close attention to the immediate vibes felt within my gut.
     My first observation was about myself. I walked into the reunion alone; yet, I was confident and relaxed. Back in high school, would I walk into dances or...

April 19, 2017


"I said, it looks like you may be getting the girl, just like your boy Cagney.  Stomper winked at  me confidently believing he was beating the odds."  (Look Back Move Forward, p. 150)

    I remember what dating was like before marriage and the anxiety over what to wear, lip-gloss flavor, hair style,  where to go and what to talk about. Those concerns were just the tip of the iceberg.  Then, finally the ri...

April 18, 2017

“Stomper, you may not know big words, but you’re smart and strong inside. My mother always says real strength comes from your head and your heart. Anybody can learn big words, but not everybody is wise like you.”   (Look Back Move Forward, p. 109)

     I can recall the curiosity my boys displayed as toddlers when pointing at objects they didn’t recognize.  My older son would always ask twice, “What’s that? W...

"I thought I taught you not to be so scared. You'll never know unless you try.”
(Look Back Move Forward,

     Recently, my husband and I were on vacation and I mentioned to a shopkeeper this was our first time there.  She replied, “Now you can cross this off your ‘bucket list’.”  I smiled and kept private the fact that I don’t have a bucket list. I have goals, but no bucket list.  One might ask, what’s the...

“I think it’s just as important to have someone to care about, as it is to be cared about by someone.”  (Look Back Move Forward, p.151)

     If someone asks what you need to survive, how would you respond? There are basic physical needs consisting of air, water, food, and shelter.  Some individuals need medication to prolong their life, or ease chronic pain.  We all have emotional needs and a desire to feel accepted and loved....

March 27, 2017

“No matter how challenging one’s past might have been, it’s there to learn from, gain strength and move forward.”  (Almquist, 2015)

      My family roots are embedded deep into my soul influencing thoughts and actions. Considering my father never feared anyone or anything, these roots are strong, weathering many storms while keeping each limb safe and secure.  In 2012, at
82-years-old, esophageal cancer spre...

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